Taylor Swift Fragrance Reviews

Real online reviews of Taylor Swift's three fragrances.

Perhaps the favorite gift I gave my granddaughter. Now I just hope she doesn’t find out I hung up on the disc jockey voiced guy who called at 10:15 p.m. to tell me I had won Taylor Swift tickets. I didn’t believe him. But upon further consideration have decided it was most likely legitimate.”

Taylor’s perfume screams dab me on and run away to paradise.”

I hate Taylor Swift, but this perfume smells so good. So good, that despite my hatred for Taylor Swift, I bought her stupid perfume and wear it every day.”

While I’m not a Taylor Fan I felt it was my duty to review this as it is already available in Australia.”

The only negative thing my wife had to say about the product was that the bottle was hard for her to handle. Her hands are a bit on the small side and the bottle is fairly large and shaped a bit like a grenade.”

"Haven’t got time for a long review.
But this perfume oh my god…..
It’s basically drops from heaven in a bottle.
The bottle has a MAGICAL rainbow reflection when next to light.
The bottle is just precious.
This scent definitely smells just like falling in love for the first time.”

This turned out gut churning on me. There was a strange metallic note again in the midst of all that spicy sweetness. I’ve never wanted to take a perfume off so quickly.”

Nice perfume for girl who want to start being mature.”

I’m really bad at describing how perfumes smell like but honestly if you want to buy one you have to go the shop and smell it for yourself.”

daughter loves taylor so for xmas present and we haven’t opened yet, but she will be excited, happy and joyous”

One of the nicest perfumes I ever smelled in my life!!! Just one whiff could end a war.”

"My wife loved this for her late Christmas present."

"I bought this for niece. She liked it and she isn’t the type to lie to safeguard my feeling, which I found out one birthday. Good enough for me."

"If this item is too dangerous, toxic, and hazardous to ‘return’ to Amazon or the seller— than it must also be too dangerous, toxic, and hazardous to be purchased for our young daughters and other little girls."